Dr. Hisham Abdalla is a New Zealand Holistic Laser Dentist.

He is an active local & international professional educator, Photobiomodulation (PBM) ambassador, Transformational Speaker, Mind & Mouth Health Expert.

Dr. Hisham

He graduated as a Medical University Doctor of Stomatology in 1998 at the age of 21, after 6.5 years at Charles University in Prague.

He founded the Laser LifeCARE Institute in Auckland in 2006, as a high tech holistic dental centre, a teaching institute and to include other practitioners + Laser/Light therapies  for Human Bioenergetics Enhancement, Anti-aging and Mitochondrial Disease prevention. The intent has been to help people overcome chronic pain, inflammation and prevent degeneration (anti-aging).

The Laser LifeCARE Institute is also a professional training institute for dentists & healthcare professionals. It still serves as one of New Zealand’s most high-tech Holistic Dentistry clinics. It includes and collaborates with other holistic medical professionals and specialists.

Dr Hisham had introduced many Laser/Light devices and protocols to NZ and to his colleagues here and globally through his 2 decades of teaching, including the Novothor pod and many other technologies. Many of those colleagues are now masters and/or teachers in their own right.